Download and test.. :)

I don’t know if this is proper, but since there has been a bunch of similar postings without too much debate, I’ll make another try-this post. It is a Terminal Velocity/Rogue Squadron style game, but with a bit more flight simulator touch to it. The gameplay needs a lot of balancing though.

We are 8 ppl who have been working on this for a few months, as a part of our college education at Chalmers, Sweden. I’m the sole creator of the graphics engine (apart from the progressive mesh algorithm). It’s quite beta, unpolished and has a few issues, but it’s something nevertheless.

I’m working on it on my spare time currently, and there will probably be a lot more ‘flashy’ graphics added in the next months.

You can download it here: (20 mb)

If you can stand the Swedish, there is some more info, a few movies, older versions (for Linux too), screenshots, source code, etc on the site, main page here:

I just figured you might be interested.

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While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

Access Denied.


Uh? … Argh… Can you get the file?

I suspect that the website is blocked for all non-chalmers IP:s. And the guy running the computer has gone on vacation. I’ll see if I can find another location to download from.

It works for me, I can download it.

Yup, working here too, i already download it,but it doens’t work…

It just exits, and writes this to the log file:

[07 11:05:36] config(0) successfully read hw_gfx.defaults
[07 11:05:36] test_main(0) Error: Could not find mode

what’s wrong ?

AMD 800, 128 Mb
Geforce2 mx 32 Mb


One issue could be that you have to have a slash at the end of the URL, otherwise the webserver will bork.

‘Couldn’t find mode’ means unable to open window. Strange though, it tries a normal 1024x768 in desktop depth as default.

Try changing the resolution of the window/disabling fullscreen and see if anything improves. The game works on most nvidia cards (has been tested on GeForce2MX), although anything less than a GeForce will be extremely choppy.(edit /data/configs/hw_gfx.defaults)

You might want to include MSVCP60.dll in the download, It won’t run without it.

I got it working now…, but the default window was 1280x960…, i changed it to 1024x768 and it worked.
The controls are kind of weird

The .dll is included in the zip now.

Yes, the controls are wierd. We are going to redo them and change the physics for the ships to full airplane style, so that you can do loops and rolls and whatnot. It’s a bit too much Rogue Squadron over it right now. (Plus the fact that you can get lost somewhere out in nowhere with the mouse :|)

It is currently more like a framework than a completed game, but it’s something anyway. Now I just need the time to make this snazzier than all other space shooters out there.