DoubleBuffer - Invisible Cursor

I’m having trouble using PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER int the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR when enabling opengl using ChoosePixelFormat. When I run full screen my cursor keeps disappearing!! it’s OK Windowed. I’m not using Glut, I’ve tried handling WM_SETCURSOR and using my own cursor but that doesn’t work either. Please help I can’t take any more. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

Are you working with the NeHe base code?


No, But I guess the same peoblem would apply, also I’m using while(ShowCursor(TRUE) < 0); so it isn’t that. Help!!

Do you have a Voodoo3?

Why don´t you hide windows´ cursor and draw your own one. This way you can even do some cool stuff you cannot do with windows´ cursors.

And if you use DInput to handle the mouse you can get much more information (i.e. if the mouse was moved, although it already is at the border of the screen).


I have a voodoo 5500.

Yeah about drawing my own cursor I did attempt that but I am using 3 split device contexts all with different camera views so don’t know if it will be possible?