Don't laugh!

I am just starting in OpenGL and trying to figure out how it works. I need just to draw a line in C++ (I use free version Dev-C++). How can I do that in OpenGL? Do I need GLUT, GLU or GLX? Please help me :confused:

Dev-C++ provides a project template for OpenGL application.

Goto File > New > Project…

Then, select “multimedia” tab from “New Project” popup window.

You will see OpenGL template. Click the OpenGL icon and type the name of your project then click ok.

Dev-C++ also provides sample codes within the project to draw a triangle and rotate it.

Thanks, song! I appreciate it. I have found just one template (actually, program), that runs rotating triangle. But I still don’t know is there any function in GL that draws just a line?


Thank you very much :slight_smile: