Doing your own translation

I would like to only give OpenGL translated vertices and not have it transform them from it’s internal matrix. Is there a way to say that to OpenGL? A setting perhaps?


Set the OpenGL matrices to identity and they won’t change the incoming data.

Um…, what’s the function call for that.

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glLoadIdentity ();

You know, that you loose Hardware T&L, when you do all that stuff on your own?
Updating world-geometry on the CPU is ok, because that usually doesn´t happen that often (and not for all objects). However, when you want to rotate the camera (so that the whole world rotates), you should stick to OpenGLs functions.


I’m going to try to do everything in my code and use OpenGL as little as possible. Even lighting my own vertex normals. Just for the heck of it.

As for rotation, that doesn’t really make any difference. Once my matrix is set, I tanslate all the vertices. This is just for fun.