Doing water simulation (eg. river) in OpenGL

I’m currently working on a research project in computer graphics. I’ve taken 2 classes in OpenGL and computer graphics algorithms. Is it possible to do animation OpenGL? I’m trying to create an animation using the algorithm I’ve come up with to show fluid and rock erosion. If OpenGL wouldn’t be the right tool to use, what would?

OpenGL is for rendering. That is, it renders things in a particular position and configuration. How it gets into that position and configuration is not something that OpenGL deals with.

I guess what I was trying to say is that I’m trying to create a water simulation with erosion in OpenGL. I know there are demos of water written in OpenGL.

Again, OpenGL is for drawing things. If you know how to draw them, it will draw them for you. Of course it is possible to do water simulation in OpenGL, but GL itself has no special functions or features for this task (neither does DirectX).