does this forum ever help?

has this thing ever helped anybody? i asked 2 simple questions and i get answers that are not even close to what i want. anyway, i figured out it’s no use wasting time here.

any all of you guys who reply. make sure your answers have some sense. it’s easy to write crap which nobody understands like 99% of answers here.

Maybe it’s just you.

Now seriously, if a question is simple to you, why do you ask it anyways?
If you aren’t satisfied with people trying to help you FOR FREE, maybe you were born in the wrong part of world.

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Sorry I don’t get it.

Your last question have had 7 replies so far with people trying to help you, when you ask the question “Why does function x doesn’t work” you cannot expect to get a 400 word answer explaining in perfect detail what you are doing wrong, if you have a look at the messages you will find out that you where not giving away much information about uour problem in the first post, when people try to help you by asking you to give some more information we are starting to get closer to an answer.

And it does not hurt if you do some work on your own also.

If you have a look in the archives about glReadPixel you will find out that one of the most common problem is that people try to use glReadPixels without having an active rendering context, have you reset the buffer to all zeroes before you call glReadPixels to make sure you actually get any data at all into your buffer, have you used glGetError() to see if OpenGL reports some error code ? there are lots of things to look out for and as I said at the beginning, answering the question “why does function x doesn’t work” is not very easy in the first place.

So if you stop complaining and test some of the things I said above you might find the problem.


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A week or two ago it helped me to save possibly weeks of work and cut down the budget of our project. So yeah, I could say it’s helped me…


Most people get help here on this board, just those who don’t understand how to post a understandable question may not get one.

We are not mind reader’s and when you post a question with a very little information, like glReadPixels does not work. There could be a thousand things that you could be doing wrong.

Also people don’t live on this board 24/7, so sometimes getting someone to get a good answer takes time.
So by the time you post and we have to request more information from you and then you reply back, it could take day’s to get a good answer.

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I think this is one of the most valuable resources for opengl development online. I have yet to ask a question in which I did not receive at the very least valuable hints.

Please be more courteous of all the kind and generous people on this board. A little gratitude would also be a good idea.

There might be questions which you ask that people just can’t answer. Not because the question is hard, but because the people here aren’t mind-readers. I’ve asked two questions so far, and haven’t figured out the problems yet, but who cares? What have you lost by asking? Nothing. And you shouldn’t just hang around waiting for someone to answer your question…read other people’s questions and answers. You may stumble on to what you need to do to fix your problem.

The process of learning:
Research the idea (includes asking questions).
Attempt the idea.
If you fail, go back to researching.
Otherwise, document (remember) the result
Teach the method to someone else

Miss any one step in there, and you’ll either be lost while fixing the problem, or when trying to figure out what you did later.

Yes dummy_24 this forum help me a lot, and people here are very helpful and I really apprciate their cooperative.

They help me got a full mark in my last project . Thanks to them very much …

There’s correlation between the quality of answers and the quality of the question.

Maybe you should go back to that thread and give out useful information about your code. For starters, you could answer the question about your file mode (binary or not) that was asked in the first reply.

You didn’t even manage to copy and paste your code correctly for crying out loud. This whole complaint of yours is ludicrous.