Does the RTX 2060 mobile support vulkan?

When I open gpu-z vulkan isn’t checked. Do I have to install some drivers to get it to work or what am I supposed to do?

Well, you need just your usual NV drivers installed. Not sure how GPU-Z works. It might be confused by the switchable nonsense on notebooks…

I did that and ran The demis that come with The SDK and IT says that no supported device has been found.

I also have an RTX 2060 mobile and can confirm Vulkan works fine (I’ve been playing RDR2 on the thing in the default Vulkan renderer for months)

One caveat I did notice: When I was playing with my OpenGL stuff on the same PC, it wouldn’t run in GPU accelerated mode by default, as if it didn’t recognize the app as a game that required the acceleration. I had to go into the NVidia settings program and explicitly tell it that my game engine program should be run only with the real GPU. I’ve never used GPU-Z but you may need to do something similar if you’re trying to develop a Vulkan app; setting that for GPU-Z may also be worth trying.

Edit: Depending on what you’re trying to do you also might need to install the official Vulkan SDK.

I don’t really know how it happened but after updating the integrated gpu drivers vulkan started working for the 2060. I have a ryzen 7 3750h on this laptop.