Does OpenGL work with Nvidia 3D Vision?

The Nvidia 3D Vision documents say that stereoscopic 3D effects work only with full-screen DirectX applications. Does it mean this technology doesn’t work with OpenGL based games?
I’ll ask my other questions If we can use it we OpenGL…

Same question.

Apparently if you have a full-screen in exclusive mode, you’re good to go with openGL apps and 3D vision.
(not seeing GL games there)

[b]There’s a difference, afaik : you want to use it as an API, while it’s probably designed as a hack. This is implemented in one of two ways, I suspect:

  1. is a specialized driver, that is made to run exactly the above-listed games. Each of those games has been individually reverse-engineered (to find projection/etc-matrices) and proper wrapping of shaders is done to slightly offset those matrices; then duplicate the commands in semi-parallel or serial fashion.
  2. a driver that takes gl_Position from clipspace and transforms it, instead of having things manually RE’d - then continues onto the duplication of commands. [/b]

Maybe it’s both, on a per-game basis. Vuzix and iZ3D have been doing this for years, and they do support Doom3.
There’s always a way to make the effect manually (and Quadros have always had quad-buffered stereo GL), the only downside is probably some partial compatibility with displays (not that NV3DV gives any more options) and the need to have the user calibrate (which might be already done once by the user, for the NV3DV driver).

Anyway, I don’t see this available for OpenGL yet. Maybe as already noted, if you do fullscreen-exclusive and follow the DX guide, it’ll work for you