Does OpenGL 1.1 work on modern GPUs?

I’m developing lightweight software that runs on any computer, because of that, I’m developing using OpenGL 1.1 Imediate Mode (glBegin, glVertex3f, glEnd…).
And today I had a doubt, does OpenGL 1.1 work with modern hardware and systems such as Nvidia RTX and Windows 11?

Yes, of course it does.

Beware though that glBegin/glVertex/glEnd is actually a very heavyweight, poorly performing code path. The sole advantage it has is that it allows you to specify vertex data on the fly, without any front-loaded planning. But even with OpenGL 1.1 you’re better off with vertex arrays (which are not an extension in 1.1) - particularly if you want a simple, lightweight code path that performs well on any computer.

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Also: OpenGL ES only supports vertex arrays, not glBegin/glEnd.

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