Does GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays accelerate your program?

It’s said to support drawing several primtive arrays with only one call.I’m wondering whether it can accelerate one’s program. Does anybody know this?

It can, under the right circumstances, but i don’t think it will have such a large impact.
It’s better to just push everything into large VBOs instead.

Yes, put everything into a large VBO is a good solution.

However, sometimes you are not to render everything in the VBO but many separated arrays in the VBO, and they’re collected at runtime.

I’ve no other solution except using multi draw arrays. Is there any other way?

The overhead due to multiple calls to draw arrays is negligible regarding all the rest of operations. I guess EXT_multi_draw_arrays has been made for specific uses from Sun. If you have 10000s calls at once each time, then use this extension, otherwise you can freely omit it as long as doing so does not really help you in designing your program.

You’re absolutely right. 3ks.

I really hope :slight_smile:

It really accelarets mine thanks!

but I am using over 10k loops for drawing particle paths. I want to color code them but i can’t get it to work:

But can anyone tell me how I can use glColorPointer correctly with glMultiDrawArrays?
it does not seem to work the same as with glDrawArrays…

Can you explain more detailedly with your program? Or just post part of your code regarding vertex arrays such as glMultiDrawArrays?