Where can I find a good documentation that covers all ARB extension like glGetProgramivARB for example?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure. I believe mesa (for linux) would have man pages which are up to date. For windows, maybe you could try SGI’s site or NVidia’s. Have you checked google as well? Maybe in this site somewhere as well.

I really searched for a page that covers (for example) glGetProgramivARB and all it’s possible parameter.

But I cant find anything like this. :-/

You are on the main OpenGL portal. How difficult is it to click on “Documentation” and “OpenGL Extensions”? :wink:
This is the official extension page:

I cant find the spec for glGetProgramivARB there.

It is just mentioned there once in a example for the vertex program extension.
But I can really find no specification about all the parameter, etc.

Go to the ARB_vertex_program spec and search for “GetProgramivARB”. The 4th hit is a description of all possible parameter values, the 5th hit is a detailed description of what the command does.

Oh… I used the search string “GetProgramivARB”, not just “GetProgramiv” so I couldn’t find the spec for it in the vertex program specification.

Thanks for your help!