Do you recommend Direct3D or OpenGL

How do you compare OpenGL and Direct3D. Which one is better and why? Also I have a bunch of questions, if you answer even one of them I’d be grateful.

1 - Is OpenGL a high level API (for example vb is a high level language) and Direct3D is a very low level API (for example assembly language is very low level).

2 - Is Learning OpenGL much easier than Direct3D? How much?

3 - Is developing games much faster with OpenGL than Direct3D? How much?

4 - If we are creating a game with Direct3D and we want to add other aspects to that game we can always use other parts of
DirectX like DirectSound, DirectDraw, …
What about OpenGL? Can we use DirectSound and DirectDraw wiht OpenGL. What can we use instead of those?

5 - Which one of OpenGL and Direct3D can be used with c#? If both which one do you recommend?

(what an innovative question)

1 high
2 yes
3 it depends
4 you can combine this
5 if you love microsoft, use d3d. if you develop games, don’t use c#. but I would not at all trust in microsoft to support OpenGL in the future, and if I had to write 3d apps with c#, i would (probably have to) use d3 (lucky that I don’t have to do that ). hm this questions is in fact quite new, i think .

Somehow it seems “natural” to mee to use linux for OpenGL, don’t know why, but I have to admit that I do not miss windows.

believe it or not, you are not the first one to ask this g

Am I right that new versions of D3D are developed only by Microsoft?



all version of DX/D3D have been completely developed by microsoft; vendors, for example, are allowed to make suggestions only.

Originally posted by Jan2000:

My first language is not English and
I am kind of newbie in using internet forums
so I cant understand what does this “crossposter” mean. Can you be more specific?

My first language is not English and
I am kind of newbie in using internet forums
so I cant understand what does this “crossposter” mean. Can you be more specific?

Means who posted the same question in more that one forum. It makes some people unhappy at times.

You posted the same question on flipcode. In general it is your decision, if you want to post a question on several forums. However i wouldn´t do that at the same time.
The problem is this: Some people first visit, see your post and write an answer for you.
Then they visit flipcode (or some other page) and see, that you posted the same question there, and that someone else gave you the same answer he did.
That´s annoying, cause someone took the time to write an answer and then he sees, that it was useless, because you already got that answer on another forum.

Therefore you should post a question on only one forum. If you don´t get any or at least no satisfying answer on that forum, than you can still ask it in another forum, too.

Therefore the first thing before posting a question, is to think, which forum may be the best suited, for your question.


Plus, asking if people here prefer OpenGL is like logging onto a Dallas Cowboys forum and asking if the Redskins or Cowboys are better.

Not to flame anyone, but…

Welcome to, where we discuss opengl and opengl related problems. This is not “solely” a place for debate between D3D and opengl. I think BigShooter beat this one and all other topics related to D3d to death last week!