Do you have any instructions for how to download/build vulkan repos with CMake pacakge manager (CPM)?

I’ll get straight to the point before expanding on my story… Are there any guides or instructions for using Vulkan within a CMake project using CMake Package Manager (CPM)?

I have taken to using CPM to download & build all 3rd party libraries involved in my c++ project. CPM currently manages GLEW, GLFW and GLM among other libraries.

I’m planning to switch from OpenGL to Vulkan now, and definitely wish to keep the CPM library management system as it has really made life a lot easier.

I understand CPM is (or was when I started) an experimental cmake extension, but it is one I have found incredibly useful. That said, it did take days of fiddling to get it working in the first place for each 3rd party library I link against that has a slightly different CMake build requirement

Or at the very least, what would be the vulkan repos I’d need to add as CPM dependencies (or git submodules) to replace GLEW for OpenGL. I understand I can carry on using GLFW for windowing

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