Do PCI 2.0 graphics card work in mobo having pci 1.1/pci x16?

My Desktop config.
Intel 82945g express chipset
Dual core 1.6ghz processor
1 gb RAM.(installing 2gb more within 2days)

I have found a graphic card is up for sale near my residence.

Asus gt610 SL 2GD3.(which is 2gb) for 2000 Rupees.(almost 34$).?

will it run ? and what is Low-Profile Bracket…? why it is needed.?

Guide me…


Hello anyone

1: This is a forum about OpenGL, which is a graphics API. Whether a PCI 2.0 graphics card will work with a PCI 1.1 graphics card slot is not an appropriate question for this forum.

2: You waited all of 3 minutes to bump your own post.