Do I have to have the continuous loop with the NEHE examples?

My main source for OpenGL is NEHE. I want to modify the VB programs. I was wondering if it was possible to not have the continuous loop that draws the screen over and over. I am not doing animation so I don’t need that. Also, I am still having trouble changing the Rendering Context. I want to draw onto other forms at the same time. Oh and one more thing, the CSGL DLL’s for using C# and OpenGL are giving me problems too. Can anyone put into simple terms how to use the DLL’s? I have the DLL’s I have the sample code, but I have no idea how to use them together.

it isn’t drawn over and over again. It is redrawn if it is damaged, such as another window is put over it. It is also redrawin if you call redisplay, however this is done on your system e.g. glutPostRedisplay