dll missing?

Where can I get the glaux.dll?

The glaux.lib that comes with VC++ is a static library, and therefore doesn’t have a DLL.

I’ve heard of other compilers that have created a dynamic library to be used, though. Do a google search.

I don’t use VC++ I use dev-c++ the reason why I need this glaux.dll is when I compile I will get an error that says glaux.dll not found and I have all the headers and libs for glaux.

Deiussum thank you! Google did not help but I used my fav Search engine altavista and found the dll. If anyone else has this prob you can get it at [ http://www.cfxweb.net/~delphigl/downloads.htm ] They also have alot of examples of opengl and other great things.

That web site stinks! It does not have the dll!

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The dll is there at the bottom of the page. I got redirected so you have to press the stop button.

I have not tested it but later versions of gcc for Windows can actually read some static libraries made with MSVC. Perhaps can you use the original library? http://download.microsoft.com/download/win95upg/info/1/W95/EN-US/Opengl95.exe

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I already siad to stop the browser I dont need you to repeat it!

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