distributing c++ executables

Hello all,

I’ve been writing some C++ that uses the glut library and compiling it with Borland’s
5.5 free compiler. One thing that I have noticed is that when sending friends my executables(bcc32 file.cpp glut32.lib), they do not always work due to some kind of windows error. I was wondering if there was anything else that I need to distribute along with my executable when making it available to vasts amounts of people on the windows platform?

Hi !

You have to be a bit more specific, what kind of error message do they get ?


Hey buddy, I’ve had some issues like this when begining OpenGL development. If your developing using GLUT as one of your libraries make sure the people who use your program have the glut32 files, and of coarse the opengl32 files. (.DLL’s is what i’m refering to). Tell me an exact error message Win9x produces and I’ll get back.

You most likely need to give them the glut32.dll as well. Most versions of windows should already have opengl32.dll. (Except for early versions of 95, I believe.)

Glut32.dll isn’t a dll that comes with windows, so if you use glut, the users need to have that, or you need to provide it. I usually tell my friends to put that into their Window’s system directory so that they only need to have a single copy of it.