Distorted textures using point sprites


I’m working in an application that has to draw some 9x9 2D markers onto some images. I thought that the best way to do that was using point sprites, without point smooth and with some blending. Well, I’ve found that this was harder than I thought. The marks are shown distorted. I dont know why but they are. I’ve found that adding 0.5f to the marks and writting them as float, they are shown fine, but I really dont think that this could be a solution rather than a workaround. I’ve managed to write a simple demo application that reproduces the issue. You can get it from here: TEST APPLICATION (VC8).

Note: In an ATI card with latest drivers all works good, in NV cards (our main developement platform) with latest drivers, is where we are having problems.

Solved, thanks to yooyo that helped me to find that was my AA configuration in the NVidia control panel and a little fix in my ortho call ( I had to add -1 to width and height params ) :slight_smile: