distorted polygons

I am having a problem with polygons being distorted as the viewer gets far away from them. It’s especially noticeable on polygons which are close together, especially if they interesect. Parts of the polygon in back are being drawn on top of the polygon in front. I tried bumping my modelview matrix data up to double (i use glMultMatrixd, and no glRotate or glTranslate), but that didnt help. My vertex data is still floating point. If I bump the vertices up to double will that fix the problem, or is there something else I need to do?

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Your problem is something called “z fighting”. Basically, your depth buffer is getting less and less accurate the further an object is from the camera.
Try setting your near clip plane to something greater than or equal to 1.
(the near clip plane will probably be specified in your program by a call to gluPerspective()).
Search this forum for “z fighting” to find other potential solutions to your problem.

Thanks! That saved me a lot of headaches