Displaying Bitmap Background and Quadrics

Two things I need help with

How do I display a bitmap file as a background and then having 3D graphics superimposed on top of it?

I need to create rounded cubes. I have been using the gl utility command glusphere and distorting it to create ellipsoids. Is there another utility to create higher order quadrics?

Thanks in advance

Hi !

There are a number of ways to do that, one is to load the image into a memory buffer and then use glDrawPixels to put it on screen, but this is not very fast, but you can do neat things, if you supply correct depth values you can have parts of the image go in front of objects and some go behind depending on the depth value.

Another way is to create a texture, put the image in it and render it on a quad filling up the window, I guess this is the fastest solution, it will also scale the image to fit the window.


Thanks for the reply on displaying bitmaps.
I still have problem with the other aspect