Displaying a billboard in opengl es

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Can anyone help me to display a billboard on a 3D application for pocket pc using openGL ES. Or any links for billboards on openGl for PC .



http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/r … billboard/

A very beautiful explanation in a relative way. You’ll just need to map the concepts into GL way of doing stuff, and if I’m guessing correctly, you’ll be using rectangles or triangles instead of discs, and you don’t need the final rotate.

But if you feel like riding the gravy train, there is also a pretty clean, straightforward billboarding sample in the recent Nokia Series 60 SDKs. (~OpenGLEx or OpenGLExamples in the dir tree). I guess the name of the package was xyzabc_FP2 or 3 or something. Should be available at forum.nokia.com.

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