display on different machine

I have an opengl dispaly program running on two different machines. One has Win 2000 and the other XP. I wrote the code in viusal c++ and render the openGL in the window. I have buttons, pictures and other info that I code in the vc++ that kept focus on the 2000 machine, but when I render on the XP machine, the rendering overlaps all the other stuff. Is there a way that I can maintain the focus on the MFC stuff and keep the opengl in the background? Thank you very much for your help!

I have the executable for the program, and when I run it on the 2000 machine, the buttons and graphics created on MFC show over the rendering, but when I try it on XP, then rendering displays over all the other stuff… is there a way to fix this?

You have no guarantee that your controls appear in front of your rendering, as this is decided by the drivers/os and may change with every new driverrelease. So it’s a bad idea to just render your controls on top of your RC.
I’m using delphi, so I can’t say for the MFC, but there you just divide your window (called form in delphi) with two panels. One panel for the rendering and one panel where you put your controls. This way, your controls will never get overlapped by your rendering. I’m quite sure that this is also possible with the MFC.