Display lists

Hey dudes, i would like to know if is ALWAYS advisable (i.e is better) to use display lists instead of spitting code all way down? Or if it is only better when we use a great amount of a specific object? Thanks

Hi !

Most of the time things will be faster with a display list because you keep the geometry in the GPU’s memory and this is faster from the GPU’s perspective.

But it only works if the geometry is static, if you need to regenerate the displaylists all the time you loose all advantages with it.

But there are also VBO’s and things like that you can use.


Hmmm…i’m starting to use openGL…what the hell are VBO’s? I’ve read about that a couple of times…but don’t know what it is…Can you give me more details?

(V)ertex (B)uffer (O)bjects provide a more efficient cpu -> gpu path for data. You can get the skinny here . (Look for ARB_vertex_buffer_object)