Display Lists or Vertex Arrays... mhh??

Okay, like every programmer in this solar system i need to render as fast as possible all my sets of primitives used to display all my 3d objetcs… Thus why not use multitexturing to get in touch with toady’s 3D fashion???
Then what am i supposed to do???
Hey! using vertex arrays or display lists??

Vertex arrays could be cool with the locking extensions it can also save a bit of memory bcoz the user keeps the management of the lists… but … you can’t deal with the multitexturing purposes!!! it’s seems that there are no glMultiTexCoordPointer equ function available…

DisplayLists now, i am a bit disturbed
concerning the transformation process, for triangles lists the use of display lists generate the duplication of a lot of common vertice!! So what?? The transformations are done so fast onboard??
Anyway i am too lazy, i must say that triangles are quite ‘rare’ in my 3d scenes…
Thus,as i am intensively using fans or strips primitives the number of common vertice is really going down… points transformations goes fine, mutitextring is ok bcoz you can encapsulate the arbmultitexturing ext in a displayList but all this disco stuff certainly use a huge amount of memory by keepin the equ of my primitives list in its own hardware structure format…

any opinion?