Display List support on GL3.0?

I am sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find the link to what has been ok’d for GL3. IIRC DL were ok as long as they were GL_COMPILE only? Reason I ask because I want to put a wall around my terrain like a barricade and would only need 4 quads, seems wasteful to use a VBO or even a DL when immediate mode should be fast enough for this?

I don’t see why it would be wasteful to use VBO to render 1 quad but here is a link


The remaining objects making up Longs Peak are still being precisely defined. They are likely to include: display list objects, which capture the vertex data resulting from a draw call for later reuse; per-sample operation objects, which capture the remaining fixed-functionality state used for scissor test, stencil test, depth test, blending, and so on; and perhaps a “miscellaneous state” object containing remaining bits of state that don’t have an obvious better home, such as edge flag enables, point and line smooth enables, polygon offset parameters, and point size.

Reason why I stated wasteful is, don’t VBO’s have a overhead cost associated with them? Thanks

Immediate mode would always be slower, because the driver first has to create a “VBO” (that is, transfer the batch to the GPU). But even if VBOs should be slow for small batches, it won’t matter anyway, as the time loss is neglectable.