Display list corruption when list created in shared library

This has me scratching my head a bit …
In my application there are a number of contexts which share display lists. This all works fine but … when I create a display list in a shared library
(loaded as a plugin by the application) then delete it, create a new one &c, the application segfaults
when it attempts to draw the display list, usually after the first create/destroy/create cycle but not
always, and usually when attempting to draw the display list in a context other than the one in which it was created.

Tricky, are you sure you have an active context when you create? Are you checking for errors? You’re not mulithreaded are you? That would raise the spectre of synchronization etc.

Of course it could be a driver problem too.

i posted a observation recently about a DL problem my nvidia card is having (yes it crashes sometimes as well, after first drawing garbage to the screen) r u doing similar things ie using VB elsewhere, tri_fans