Display corruption on Gf 6200 go

I have some strange display corruption problems involving a Geforce 6200 go (complete Hw: Sony Vaio VGN-S3XP. Reported Driver Version: / most recent official Driver from Sony):
The project i am working on is a hybrid system containing java and c++ code (java used for the GUI c++ for the openGL and data handling tasks). When running this system on the aformentioned notebook very strange display problems occur: The java GUI is not rendered correctly, but parts of the GUI elements are placed all over the Screen (even at places where no java window exists).

This seems to happen, when already large amounts of data are resident on the GPU (some quite big VBOs) and when additionally some quite large textures need to be allocated. Furthermore the whole system works multithreaded and uses a separate rendering context for different windows… I have already checked everything for opengl errors, but the driver does not seem to report any, so my present guess is, that there is a bug in the memory management of the current driver. Still i wanted to ask, if somebody here has any other ideas that might turn out to be useful :slight_smile:

Try some newer driver version. Visit www.laptopvideo2go.com and get some WHQL driver tweaked for mobile GPU.