Display corruption caused by glPolygonStipple


I am now rendering the video frame with glPolgyonStipple. And if I enable the blend mode, the display is corrupted so I disable it currently.

The problem only occurred on my Mac Pro with ATI 5770 and NV FX4800 has not this problem.

Did anyone encounter the this problem?

Hi codewings,
Could u share with us a minimal glut code so that we may reproduce this problem locally and then possibly suggest u a solution.

glPolgyonStipple is generally regarded as deprecated legacy functionality and may not be hardware accelerated. It appears to be well supported on nVidia hardware, but that may not apply to other vendors.

I posted a thread about this recently, for reference:

Hi, I attached the glut code and please check them.

Since the problem was found in a big project which I am working on, I used a NeHe sample to reproduce this problem.

I just want to know if it is a hardware related problem.