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my actual app suffers alot from tearing. So I enabled vsync by using glXSwapIntervalSGI. Since not everybody will like vsync enabled I thought about adding an option to disable it but I do not know how. I have read in the specs that on windows you can pass 0 to the corresponding function but for glXSwapIntervalSGI it is stated that passing zero will return a GLX_BAD_VALUE.
As far as I could tell from the specs glXGet/WaitVideoSyncSGI will give me the means to perform the vsyncing myself, am I better of using these?


What about this extension ?


Originally posted by jide:
[b]What about this extension ?

http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/SGI/video_sync.txt [/b]
That’s the extension I was talking about, as it introduces the functions glXGet/WaitVideoSyncSGI.
Actually I wanted to know if anybody had any experience using them.

This is not !!! The extension you’re talking about is this one:


regarding the function you stippled.

If you reread my initial post you will see that I mentioned both.
I tried SGI_swap_control (which introduces glXSwapIntervalSGI) and it did not give me what I wanted. So I asked about SGI_video_sync (which introduces glXGetVideoSyncSGI and glXWaitVideoSyncSGI).
If nothing else at least I learned that it is better to use the extension names and not the function names when talking about extensions.
So does anyone have any experience using SGI_video_sync that he wants to share with me?

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