Disable Hardware Acceleration

How can I disable hardware acceleration only for OpenGL (not for DirectX)? How can I do it only for my program!

In windows - Just enumrate the pixelformats and find one that the acceleration flags arent active… you can read about the flags for pixelformats in MSDN ( www.msdn.com))


Or you could use mesa3d. Just compile and put the resulting opengl32.dll in your application directory. The you will have a full 1.4 implementation in software.

From msdn

PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED The pixel format is supported by a device driver that accelerates the generic implementation. If this flag is clear and the PFD_GENERIC_FORMAT flag is set, the pixel format is supported by the generic implementation only.

So yes, but check the Generic format flag as well

As a matter of fact, my program don’t work under winXP on pentium4 2GHz and higher, when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del . It works only then in windows toggle off hardware acceleration.