Disable "FSAA" temporarily

I create a “FSAA” enabled PBuffer to off-screen rendering,but in some time I need to do my rendering without “FSAA” because it will make rendered image blured,so is it possible to do?What I mean “disable” is that “FSAA” will make no influence to my rendering.

From the ARB multisample spec:

The behavior of multisample rasterization is a function of
MULTISAMPLE_ARB, which is enabled and disabled by calling Enable or
Disable, with <cap> set to MULTISAMPLE_ARB. Its value is queried
using IsEnabled, with <cap> set to MULTISAMPLE_ARB.

so use glDisable(GL_MULTISAMPLE); ?

If you use glHint(GL_MULTISAMPLE_FILTER_HINT_NV, GL_NICEST) on nVidia you should also set it to GL_FASTEST, or glDisable(GL_MULTISAMPLE) will not disable AA.