directx or opengl

hi, im still kind of new to opengl and im thinking of making games, but in all the best games they use directx and not opengl(that i know of) so what should i use or what is better??
any replys are appreciated.


We have had this discussion over and over again.

Do whatever suits you best.

You come to an OpenGL forum and expect unbiased advice…

Previous poster is right. Make up your own mind.

AFAIK Doom3 uses OpenGL, Quake series uses OpenGL. And there are others.

Some things that may help you make up your mind:

  1. Portability. If you want to make it easier to eventually make a version for the Mac or Linux, go for OpenGL. Direct3D simply isn’t available for those platforms. (With the exception, I believe, of the Xbox)
  2. Learning curve. OpenGL is easier to get into, thanks to immediate mode. Although to get good performance you’ll still have to use more complex methods (vertex arrays etc).
  3. Installation of whatever you’re making. If it’s just going to be on Windows, an up to date DirectX installation is probably already available. Users may have to download updated video drivers to get your program to work with OpenGL.