DirectX files 3D model loading

Does anyone know how to program a routine for loading DirectX ( .X files ) 3D-models with it’s textures?.

You posted this question a few days ago and i gave the reply: why?

To load / parse an X-file to get it’s vertices / texture coordinates and normals etc you need to use directx and direct 3d. to use them and then switch to opengl is a bit odd.

Do you just want to know how to Load / parse an Xfile and aren’t concerned with opengl?

if your that desperate to do this (as before i’d recommend another, more universal file format) here’s a link

or go to the directx sdk help file (it links into “help” in visual studio but i have no idea about other compilers / development environments) and look up X file -> using an X file -> loading an X file. This should be all you need to know.