DirectX file loading

How do i load an x-file with it’s textures in OpenGL?.
Please your help is hard needed as i am a beginner. ;=)

I’m not sure but the “x-file”'s are only for D3D.

Here’s another forum for askin your question :

You could use an X-file in open gl if you really wanted as you can parse the X-file and pull out the vertices / texture coords quite easily and then draw everything with open gl commands.

However to parse the X-file you need to use direct x so using both or switching from one to the other is a bit backwards in coming forwards. Although opengl doesnt have a proprietry graphics format (please correct me if i’m wrong) using an XFile isnt the way to go about it. try another, more universal file format which also has the added benefit or reusability if you switch from opengl to direct3d later.