different results on different cards...

I wrote a little win32 OGL demo which has 4 lights rotating around a textured polygon and while it seems to work perfect on tnt/tnt2 chipsets
the texture on the polygon does not show up and the polygon itself is unlit
on different cards (G400 and GeForce??)

has anybody else experienced the same problems in general - different behaviours on different cards

yes, between a tnt and g200.
there was some textured quads used to render symbols for a hud system.

the code was developed on my tnt and it worked.

the same code, executed and even compiled, on the g200 at work made the textured quads always apper black.

i resolved by invoking glTexEnv(…,GL_MODULATE) before the hud showing, then it worked, and it still works on the g200, tnt and geforce i tested on.


I’m using GL_MODULATE in my glTexEnv() call
as well…

jeez this is beginning to frustrate me -
if something works perfect on your development machine how the hell do you know its going to work on other peoples machines…? Is this a driver issue ?

I guess thats what pre-release to the alpha of the upcoming beta release is for eh…

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opengl specs states that opengl should be deterministic.
if the problem will show to be opengl, then you must put the blame on the driver.

already checked for extensions? lighting? colors?

if you’re loading that model, maybe the problem is not the card itself.
check the loading code… yes, and try to visualize normals.

…you know, most of the time bugs are self inflicted, and platforms help bugs to hide…
…words of infinite wisdom, today, eh?