DevIL question


Warning : As the thread name states, there is no OpenGL question here. However, DevIL is a powerful lib that makes loading of textures very easy, so I think my question might interest some OpenGL coders.

I had trouble installing the latest release of DevIL (1.1.3 windows SDK). First one must note that the debug libs are not in this distribution (the lib/debug directory simply does not exist in the zip). Lets say we don’t need it. I followed the tutorial “setting up DevIL with VC++” from the DevIL website. Everything went just fine until I ran the program. Although I got 0 errors/warnings at compile and link, the program carshed at the first call to an il function (it was ilGenImages but it crashed anyway no matter what il function I call). After struggling a bit with it, I finally decided to install an older distribution of DevIL (in fact it is an OpenIL distribution). Now I can compile and run but the dll used is the older OpenIL.dll .

Anyone here had the same trouble with the 1.1.3 release?

I have another question : now the program must be run with OpenIL.dll so it must be either in the directory of the exe or in the windows/system directory. What if I want to put the dlls in a specific directory? Should I mess with functions like LoadLibrary and GetProcAdress?

Thanks for any clues regarding this strange & incomplete release of DevIL, and for hints about programming with dlls.