Device Groups and Logical Device

Feel free to point me to the correct spot if this is outlined somewhere and I simply missed it. I could not find my answer searching in the specification.

My question is in regards to creating a logical device with more than 1 physical device withVkDeviceGroupDeviceCreateInfo.
How does that impact queue families, extensions, and other things that are physical device specific?
Will a device group only ever exist when these things match exactly? Or are the limits of the physical device referenced directly in VkDeviceCreateInfo the only ones that matter?

I’d love to write something that will take advantage of this when possible, but I can not seem to find details on the specifics of how it impacts the supported queues and extensions etc.

Thanks in advance!


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In all likelihood the physical devices in a group will be identical.

I would say vkCreateDevice::physicalDevice still determines all that. But you better make an Issue.

Thanks krOoze, I agree with your assumption that they probably only ever will match exactly, but I don’t like to make assumptions.

I have filed an issue to have this explicitly defined in the spec: