Device emulators on Linux


Is there any opensource implementation of emulators for mobile devices (complete with keypad, display etc support) that work on Linux. Something similar to the one we have with eVC++. I am porting OGL-ES implementation and demos to ARM and SH based devices using embedded linux, but do not have the hardware to test it.



i also have this problem, i want to port
Vincent to vxworks + windml. is it harder than to port it to embeddd linux or not? could you give some idea?

Never worked on VxWorks, so won’t be able to compare it with Embedded Linux. Anyway, I am planning to write an emulator with display and keypad support. Just wanted to know whether it is already available. Was trying to avoid reinventing-the-wheel :slight_smile:


the emulator for ARM ,such as armulator, skyeye may be helpful. if i want port it
to other OS, i only need to rewrite the
files under /src/wince,is that right?
i am a newbe in vincent. can you tell me something about your porting to embedded linux?

Thanks for the information edison. Please check the following link for Vincent porting information.

Hope this helps.


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