Developing OpenGL ES on Windows?


What are my options for developing using OpenGL ES 1.x on a regular Windows/Nvidia platform? My target-platform is not windows, but my development platform is.

Sorry if this is an overly asked question - I couldn’t find the answer browsing the forum (and it wouldn’t allow me to search for “windows” :stuck_out_tongue: )


There are also vendor specific development kits.

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I too am trying to use OpenGL ES on Windows and searching for help on DGLES. Hit this topic through Google so here I am.

It looks like the sample project is using SDL to create a window and use it as its rendering target. Unfortunately, I don’t know about SDL, nor am I willing to add such a dependency on a simple test program if I can avoid it.

I failed to find any documentation about the initialization process for this implementation, is there any manual you could link me to ?

Thanks in advance.

Imagination Technologies offers an OpenGL ES on OpenGL wrapper for both Windows and Linux as part of the PowerVR PC Emulation SDK. It also comes with an abstraction layer (PVRShell) which helps hiding platform differences, but you’re not required to use it.

You can also use embedded Visual C++ 4.0 from Microsoft to compile for most pocket pc’s & smartphones. It’s completely free. :slight_smile:

Then you can use khronos’s own ogles header files & libraries to compile ogles apps.

This is what I do for my AT&T Tilt ( HTC Kaiser ) & it’s hardware accelerated MSM7200.

Now… to get hardware acceleration w/ the nVidia platform, you will need to contact nVidia to obtain the hardware accelerated libraries.

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