Developing opengl ES application using diff adaptor for

is there any changes in codes if i develop an opengl es application and then compile it using different adaptor library ? this is because different platform will be requiring different adoptor. for instance if i wanna develop app for handphone, i mind consider nokia adaptor while if i wanna develop pocketpc app, i will have to consider Vincent. please comment. i’m still pretty new. thank you

Well, the idea of having the OpenGL ES API is of course that there won’t be changes in your code, as least when it comes to graphics API calls. There are a couple of areas where you will expect see changes of course:

  • Integration with the native UI API, and the type of parameters you will pass into the egl… functions (which provide the glue between the native windowing system and the gl… functions).

  • Restrictions and differences in data types, programming language semantics (e.g. no static data on Symbian) etc.

  • Any kind of platform-dependent code that is typically used (memory management, strings, files, …)

You’ll probably want to set up your project structure in a way that gives you a separated foundation per platform, and have common code factored together.

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