How can I make OpenGL draw on the Linux framebuffer (/dev/fb device)? Should I use specific driver?

If you only want software rendering to the framebuffer that shouldn’t be much of a problem.
In case you want hardware-acceleration, read on.

OpenGL without X is experimental and so far works only with very few drivers. Jon Smirl did work on this before he gave up on developing OpenGL drivers.
You will need EGL-enabled rivers.
Jon Smirl’s goal was to make the X server use OpenGL instead of card-specific drivers (and thus OpenGL would run directly on the graphics card without another X under it). There’s some information about how to set this up at
more at

The mesa3d-dev mailing list is probably a place where you can get some more info about his topic. Dave Airlie is subscribed there, he still continues the work he once did together with Jon Smirl.

Ok, the rendering is software for a start. What function should I call to create rendering context?

AFAIK it implements the EGL API.

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