Designing a Particle Engine

ok i just put that subject there to attract attention. im the idiot that put up that question on how my compiler doesnt work. I figured someone would help out but i guess not however i still have not figured out the problem :confused . i am not entirely sure whats up. i really would love to learn openGL and contribute to society i am just a newbie to C++, i am actually a network engineer, and all i know in programming is router scripts. i would like some help though, like a compiler that works, and maybe some code that might work on the compiler, i’ve downloaded every free compiler (borland c++ 5.0, dev-c++ 4, lccwin, cygwin(which i dont even know how to work)) so i have a few compilers, i have gotten dev-c++ to work, but i havnt gotten it to compile any openGL code, even though it has an open gl demo (that i messed up trying to play with), and i just got lccwin but i dont know how it works. i am an inmate in dyc, but i am going on a bike trip across america, and my coach is bringing his computer so i can learn programming so when i get out i can be a productive member of society and make games . but i cant do that unless i have the proper tools, and i dont have any. i am not a novice to computers or programming, just win32 C++ programming and all that, i can handle djgpp, but its not for win32. so any help if you can give it would be really cool.