Depth Testing doesn't work with GL_LINES, but it works with GL_TRIANGLES

I got a little problem in my 3D app.

I implemented a grid system yesterday, and then it suprised me that depth testing doesn’t work with GL_LINES, so I always see the grid system above all objects.

What could possibly be wrong?



Either you deactivated the depth buffer test, either your driver is buggy…

What card and driver are you using ?



Make sure you are not clearing the depth buffer between rendering the scene and rendering the grid .

I got an ATI 3D rago pro.


Maybe the problem is that the ATI Rage Pro draws lines in software mode and tries to read from a software z-buffer while the rest of the depth information is in the hardware z-buffer. I played with it sometime ago and I had the problem too. Maybe it is solved in newer drivers…

I just spoke with the driver folks here, as far as they know this should work just fine. What driver version and OS are you working with?