Depth problems on Linux


Objects created with glBegin/glEnd in my program are with depth problems,
I’m seting glEnable(GLUT_DEPTH) and glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST). The same code in Windows is working OK.

Can somebody give me a hint bout this?? :slight_smile:


What is the problem ?

Have you setup the near/far clipping planes correct (near must not be to small).

What you using, software rendering or hardware accelaration ?

Some times you only get 16 bit depth buffer and some times 24 bits depening on color depth and so on, this might be a problem to.

But try to play around a bit with the near clipping plane and see if that helps.


Hi Mikael,

Thanks for your help!!

I found some mistakes in my code!! :slight_smile:

Some times the code that is working in Windows don’t work in Linux.

Thanks again!!

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