Depth Errors with Quake 3 BSP

Hi evereybody,

I just started writing a small Quake 3 level viewer and encountered this problem:

First I enabled Depth testing while traversing the BSP Tree and everything went OK.
Then I disabled Depth testing, because I thought, that the precalculation of the BSP Tree solves the Depth test problem.
The effect was that most of the Faces were drawn correctly (hoorray) but some were drawn in front of others incorrectly.
I’ve tested the “WalkTree”-code with a manually created BSP Tree and it worked. Currently I’m doing no speed-ups like frustum culling, backface culling nor i’m using the PVS info. So what could be wrong?

Btw. this could be a bit off-topic, so does anybody know a Forum especially for Quake related programming questions?

Thanks in advance.

For Q3 discussions: .

Greets, XBTC!

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Thanks XBTC, that is what I’ve been looking for. Never the less, does anybody have an idea, what’s wrong about the Depth testing stuff?

Sounds like your bsp “walker” is broken. I suspect that the “manually” created bsp, was also broken in just the right way to make the walker work, or was otherwise not sufficient in revealing the error.