Depth blit with multisampled FBO


I’m trying to get multisampled FBO working on our currently working FBO framework. The general idea, is to render everything to a FBO with a COLOR0 and DEPTH multisampled renderbuffers attached, and then blit to another FBO with the same attachments, but on textures, to be used for screen space effects.

On the non-multisampled path, I just use a single FBO with textures attached to COLOR0 and DEPTH, and it works flawlessly. But, when using two FBOs (one with the multisampled renderbuffers, and another with the textures), it doesn’t blit the depth (color is indeed copied). I’m currently using framebuffer_blit to copy.

Any advices of why that doesn’t work and possible solutions? Color multisampling is a requirement, and rewriting our current shader base would be a large feat, so the method I try to get working is the one I desire to use, if possible.

I had a similar problem not long a ago, have a look at this thread.

I use depthblitting with multisampled FBOs too and it works flawlessly (on Nvidia).