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Just realized I’m cross-posting – sorry, but there’s something I didn’t do ; do I have to run the ‘GlSetup’ on the downloads page ? I don’t have a clue as to what video card I have and I was kind of scared to… Tia… – MikeH

Wow… I think that’s the first time I’ve seen anyone use my name in the subject line of their post.

If you’re not sure what video card you’ve got using GLsetup might be a good idea. It’d be best if you could figure out what card you have. You can usually find that out by checking on the settings tab of the display control panel.

If it’s an nVidia card, your best bet would be to get the Detonator drivers from nVidia’s web site.

Unless its a TNT. Last time I checked, NVIDIA completely removed the driver for the TNT (though not TNT2). Oddly enough they still offer the Riva128 driver. So if you have a TNT you have to get the Detonator’s from somewhere else, or tweak the inf of the latest Detonator install so that it can be installed (that’s what I did, and I don’t recommend the latest Detonator’s with a plain old TNT, it can’t even complete the 3DMark2001 default bench anymore, runs out of memory, or so it says.)

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Thanks Deiussem and the rest… According to Dev manager it’s a Matrox MGA Mystique (actually on girlfriend’s sys (the one on the net)). It’s not a zillion yrs old but it’s not the latest Pentium either – maybe a couple yrs old… I used to do phone support for Microsoft and think I remember some issues w/matrox cards. But will it be ok for OpenGl ? Thanks for the help guys…
Later MikeH