Degenerate scissor rect?

I have a problem calculating the scissor rectangle of a box.
This only seems to happen with a long and narrow box when the camera direction is almost the same as the “long” side of the box. (It is not in the box.)
The box is about double the height as you see in the shot so there is a part of it behind the near plane. It works nomally untill suddenly the box “flips” over. I tried checking for w < 0 but that doesn’t fix it. (As it only uses the 4 vertices before the front plane then.)

This is the code used to calculate it. (But well, I hate reading the posted code here myself…) It just projects the 8 points.
I tried using gluProject, but it gives exacly the same results.

for (i=1; i<=8; i++) {
float *v = &verts[i*3];
point[0] = v[0];
point[1] = v[1];
point[2] = v[2];
point[3] = 1.0f;

  Mat_Mul_1x4_4x4(point, modelviewproj, res);
  px = (res[0]*(1/res[3])+1.0) * 0.5 * r_Iviewport[2] + r_Iviewport[0];
  py = (res[1]*(1/res[3])+1.0) * 0.5 * r_Iviewport[3] + r_Iviewport[1];

  if (px > maxx) maxx = px;
  if (px < minx) minx = px;
  if (py > maxy) maxy = py;
  if (py < miny) miny = py;



Originally posted by Pentagram:


for (i=1; i<=8; i++) {
float *v = &verts[i*3];

[/QUOTE]You’re sure these two lines are right?

No it’s not that
Altrough it looks fishy… but the first vertex in the list is used for something else.
As I said it works if the camera is ortogonal-ish to the “long” side of the box.


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