Deferred shading and VSM

Solved, forgot to attach a depth texture (since PCF i used only a depth and i was too quick when changing to VSM with RG32F )

Sorry for pointless post…

Hello, i have a depth error when i calculate the shadow texture coordinates only when trying VSM.

I am moving from PCF shadowing which worked great, i can also quickly do a test and change the sampler from sampler2D
to sampler2DShadow (skipping the 2 moments) just to verify that the shadow map is correct.

The shadow acne in screenshot is on purpose to illustrate, the non acne elimates the shadow completely


shader in summary

Shader used to store shadow map
basic variant:

moment1 = gl_FragCoord.z;
moment2 = moment1 * moment1;

vFragColor = vec2(moment1,moment2);

I have also tried…
GPU Gems 3 sample:

	vec3 pos =;

	//add some offset to remove the shadow acne
//	pos.z += 0.001;	 ( i want acne for the test!)

	//get depth in 0 to 1 range
	float depth = (pos.z +1)*0.5; 

	//store the depth as first moment
	float moment1 = depth;

	//from chap 8 - GPU Gems 3
	float dx = dFdx(depth);
	float dy = dFdy(depth); 
	float moment2 = depth*depth + 0.25*(dx*dx + dy*dy);
	//store the first and second moment in the red and green channel of the output colour
	vFragColor = vec2(moment1,moment2);

Light shader stage:

       vec4 shadowCoord = shadowSpotView * vec4(fragment.ws_coord,1); /= shadowCoord.w; = * vec3 (0.5f) + vec3 (0.5f);

	if ( texture( ShadowMapSpot, shadowCoord.xy ).x  <  shadowCoord.z) {
			visible = 0.0f;
// Yes i skipped the actual VSM on purpose!

Quick code sample on the c++ side

shadowSpotView = (shadow.projection * shadow.view)  * rb->cameraEntity()->inverseView();

As i mentioned in the shader code, i want to render the shadow acne as its a good demonstrate of what happens!

I have also written a quick forward renderer for a test and have zero issues there…

Any input is greatly appreciated