Default lighting behavior?

I can’t seem to find a vertex shader that simply mimics OpenGL’s default lighting behavior. This is the first step to switching my renderer over to shaders. There are other things I want to do, but first I need to just get the basic lighting to work the same.

Look at the ShaderGen tool created by 3Dlabs.

Oh man, you don’t know how close I was to killing myself before you came along.

Hmmm…I’m getting there. GLSL is pretty funky to use.

the understatement of the year.

Can some of you native english speakers explain what 'funky ’ really mean ?

I read up and down this :

But I can’t understand what you mean with :
“GLSL is pretty funky to use”

  1. The oldest meaning is “smells bad”, as explained on the /funky link.

  2. In the 1960’s and 70’s, applied to music it meant “cool” and applied primarily to jazz and soul music. Do you remember “Funky Town” or “play that funky music…?”

  3. When used in a technical context, it means that something is not quite what it should be or does not work as you would expect or want it to… the thing kinda “stinks”. Remember the first definition is “smells bad.”

Ok thanks a lot, so there are basically two meanings, one (generic) is negative, the other (music) is positive… I only knew the later :slight_smile: